turquoise cluster setting
turquoise cluster
cluster setting necklace
cluster setting necklace
Lake McKenzie Necklace
Lake McKenzie Necklace

Lake McKenzie Necklace

£320.00 GBP

Mesmerising blue cluster setting necklace.

This piece was made with Lake McKenzie in mind, one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever visited.

Beautiful bright blue waters with dingos casually wandering around the edges hoping for some tasty morsels from tourists.

Each stone represents a part of the lake and shore. The turquoise and dark blue spinel represent the various depths of the lake, the green sapphire represents the surrounding greenery, the pale blue spinel is the sky and the gold nuggets are the shoreline and animals. 

Some of my fondest memories are from my time spent in Australia and this piece is an affectionate ode to one of my favourite countries.


The piece is made with sterling silver and has been oxidised and polished.

Chain length: 16" bright silver curb chain also available on a daintier 16" trace chain, just request a switch (same price).

Turquoise: Slice of turquoise 7mm cut and polished by myself

Natural green/blue sapphire: 4mm

Lab grown dark and light spinel: 2mm

14k gold nuggets

Sterling silver prongs