My name is Amy Jennings and I am the designer and maker behind Callirrhoe Jewellery.

I create elegantly rustic jewellery specialising in multistone rings and hand cut raw gemstones.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and handmade, lovingly, by me.


My process is instinctual. I will often lay out my gemstones to get a sense of who wants to sit with whom. I choose complimentary colours and sizes as well as combining rough and cut gemstones.  I will then sit at my bench and create the piece intuitively, allowing the stones to lead the way. This results in a completely organic and heartfelt piece that my customers can cherish. If it is a commissioned item, I will work with my customer's tastes and style offering full customisation with my personal design touch.
Originally focusing on art, I gained my BA in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire. It was during this time I began creating wooden rings and jewellery to augment my student loan. I soon found my path to be within jewellery design and once I graduated in 2014 I invested in an electroforming kit and in January 2015, I founded Callirrhoe Jewellery. Since then, my style has evolved into what you see today. I am mostly self taught and always learning. My time is divided between the UK and Bay Area in California - where I will eventually be living full time.
Inspiration for my creations comes from places of natural beauty, especially places I have visited personally. I feel a strong connection to nature and wish to leave the Earth in a better way than I found it.  I am most at peace with the world when I am walking with my dog.
Everything created within Callirrhoe Jewellery is 100% vegan and hand made by me. Much of the silver used is recycled and I utilise natural alternatives to chemicals where possible.  Any gold I use is either fair trade or recycled. Gemstones are either lab grown or where natural stones are used, I source from reputable businesses.
Me and my partner Mike.
My (mostly) good boy, Louie.