A lot about me..


I'm a born and raised Briton living in the Bay Area of California and for as long as I can remember I have always been interested in creating art, drawing and being inventive. I am completely self-taught in jewellery making but my jewellery making beginnings happened quite unintentionally...

My first creations were little wire wrapped crystals and wooden rings in 2013 whilst studying graphic design & illustration at university. I loved the process of creating small pieces with the gratification of creating this tiny work.

 When I graduated, I made the decision I'd have two jobs – one as an illustrator and one as a jewellery maker. I had fallen in love with these petite artworks and wanted to continue creating in this way but didn't want to let go of my illustration roots. Naively, I didn't understand how difficult it was to create one successful business, let alone two and quickly focused on jewellery. 

In 2015 Callirrhoe Jewellery was officially born! I was ready to confidently sell my wares under my brand name. My tastes evolved to using precious metals and high quality gemstones and has become what you see today.

My brand began and will forever remain 100% vegan. I never use anything containing animal products. I try and only work directly with reputable businesses and support independent business owners, working directly with gem cutters and ethical stone dealers.

 I single-handedly run my business and do everything myself from website design and social media management to designing and creating pieces. I cut gemstones, fabricate, set and finish each and every piece, something I am extremely proud of.

Thanks for getting to know me a little better, I hope I can get to know you so drop me an email and let's make something beautiful!

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My boy, Louie and girl, Cindy.
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