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My Story

Once upon a time there was a little English girl who insisted on doing everything herself. She loved to draw and make and daydream and spent her days petting every animal she came across. She grew up to marry a handsome, American woodworker and moved herself and her belongings all the way to Oakland, California.


So here I am, an English woman living in a 100 year old craftsman house on the west coast, melting metal and trying not to burn down my little shoebox of a studio in the process.
I created Callirrhoe Jewellery in early 2015 and it has evolved initially from tumbled stones in copper settings to the precious metals and gemstones that you see today.
I am largely self-taught in jewellery making and my beginnings happened quite unintentionally after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, I chose to turn my hand to jewellery after dabbling throughout my undergrad years.
Every piece of Callirrhoe Jewellery is lovingly hand fabricated using traditional and modern practices I have learnt along my way. It begins with excited conversations with clients, illustrations and a trove of gemstones.  I craft each setting and band entirely from scratch using a variety of fabrication techniques such as drawing and rolling wire. Everything is fabricated, not cast.
It is important to me that I never use any product or tool containing animal products. I work only with reputable businesses and support independent business owners, working directly with gem cutters and ethical stone dealers.
All of my precious metals are recycled so no new mining is required. Thanks for getting to know me a little better, I hope I can get to know you so drop me an email and let's make something beautiful!


 white pekingese
My boy, Louie and girl, Cindy.