For the constantly moving, roving and worrisome. Sojourner is a wearable, kinetic and free-moving collection that allows the bearer to project their anxiety and worry through their restless hands. This collection has been formed especially to connect the wearer with their jewellery in a way that standard jewellery does not.
Each piece in this collection is labour intensive. I use the process of reticulation - which is to develop unpredictable texture by creating different melting temperatures on the core and outside of the piece.  This involves heating, removing oxidation and heating up again many times to reach the desired texture.  It is particularly difficult with silver wire where the balance of heating to reticulation and complete melting point is a dance.
The strong, circular designs in this collection are representative of our role in the cosmos, our never ending cycle around the galaxy; we are always moving but never in the same place twice, if only by the smallest fraction. The kinetic parts in this collection do not run on a track, they are free-moving and therefore each movement is unique.