Friday nights...

So I'm just sitting here, tweaking my website, scrutinising how many views I am getting, googling how to improve my SEO and all sort of website related stuff. 

I am also watching Lord Of The Rings and sipping on a caramel tea. It's my idea of a perfect night in!

I recently set up Etsy again after an 18 month hiatus.  Mostly because...well we shouldn't keep all our (vegan) eggs in one basket, right?

Looking at the online community there, there's a lot of worry about all the new changes Etsy is implementing.  Most of them appear to the benefit of both the seller and buyer but many people are complaining that new changes will destroy their business.

That is sad for them as I always saw Etsy as having a wonderful built-in community. may mean some of my competition leaves so...yay? Haha. 

Anyway, I will keeping a minimalist inventory over there but check it out, I have a 5% off coupon: Welcometoetsy5 that you can use at checkout to get a little bit off!


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