Doing this blog properly...

Why aren't I blogging regularly?

So I figured out that the reason my blog is an arid desert of non-posting is because I spend all day thinking about jewellery, I often don't want to spend time writing about it too.

Don't get me wrong, I love jewellery. I love looking at pictures of jewellery and books about jewellery and I spend many an hour just researching designers and pieces and anything I can think of that might inspire me.  

But blogs are meant to be personal aren't they? They are used as a looking glass or a window into someone's life. I used to have a blog about my life while I was living in Australia. I'm pretty sure I never want to re-read any passages because most of them were about dealing with being in love with a certain guy, but the cathartic therapy it offered me was immeasurable.  

So, I have decided I am going to use this as another creative outlet that panders to my need to share my opinion on everything! Ha. No one escapes my opinion and it is often unwanted (as well as unwarranted), I am sure.

I'll be writing about anything and everything and yes - that includes jewellery stuff too!


So, with that said.  Let me introduce one of only a handful of people that influence my life - my boy Louie.

Louie the Akbash

He is four years old and can be a little naughty on occasion. He's an Akbash whom we rescued via an organisation that gets dogs off the streets of Greece and brings them to the UK.  He is the family's dog and when I eventually move to the USA I will be heartbroken to only see him once in a while.  Moving him with me is not an option as his happiness depends on being wherever my mother is.  I am his playmate and we like it that way.  

He enjoys: wrestling, tug, chasing rabbits and deer, pinching me with his front teeth when we are playing so I scream.

He dislikes: foxes, being in the car, being brushed (although he puts up with it now) and when people don't say hello to him.

He loves finding treasures and here he is with a pheasants feather he found yesterday.  The day before it was a rotten old tennis ball.  I think I might start collecting all the things he finds and photograph them on his birthday.

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