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Product Spotlight: Lake Mckenzie Necklace

Goodness I love this piece. Bright sumptuous blues complemented by the subtle addition of 14k gold and the polished sterling silver prongs. I made this piece with the image of Lake McKenzie in my mind. It's a stunning paradise-esque freshwater lake situated on Fraser Island. I visited many years ago when I was backpacking through Australia.  Each element of this necklace represents a part of that place.  The hand cut slice of turquoise and dark lab grown spinel represent the gradient colour of the water, the green, natural sapphire represents the surrounding bush. The pale blue spinel is the sky and the gold nuggets represent the shoreline. This is an extra special necklace for an extra special person. Perhaps you know...

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Pretty Little Profits by Flourish & Thrive Academy.

Just wanted to shout out the ladies at F&T. They continually give us so much free information and training.  This coming Monday they are giving us jewellery makers a training course in promotion. I've already done my homework and am soooo excited to get started on Monday. You can join up here: Even Louie wants you to join!

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Friday nights...

So I'm just sitting here, tweaking my website, scrutinising how many views I am getting, googling how to improve my SEO and all sort of website related stuff.  I am also watching Lord Of The Rings and sipping on a caramel tea. It's my idea of a perfect night in! I recently set up Etsy again after an 18 month hiatus.  Mostly because...well we shouldn't keep all our (vegan) eggs in one basket, right? Looking at the online community there, there's a lot of worry about all the new changes Etsy is implementing.  Most of them appear to the benefit of both the seller and buyer but many people are complaining that new changes will destroy their business. That is...

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